Video of Kate Welch, Pharm D and Skunk Pharmers at PSU

Whoop, whoop, lu lu lu lu lu lu lu!  Praises to Kitchenkook for the videography, here’s the U-Tube of Dr Kate Welch’s presentation at PSU, with follow up teases by the Skunk Pharmers Carla, JD, and Joe:

Kudos and accolades to Tom for the videography and formatting!  Apologies on some of the microphone interference at spots, where the hand held mike interfered with one of the two camera mics.  We had previously checked the two camera mics together, but not with the third that was added at the last moment for recording by others.

Normally we would have used a single lapel mic and plugged all the cameras and recorders into my central sound system, but sadly circumstances prevented us from doing so.  Just too too clever by half saving money using personal equipment, but had our initial two camera mics not proven compatible together, we would have rented a central sound unit.

Pleased Tom’s first try was both visible and has clearly audible sound, with background buzzes only in spots.  That augurs well for future videos without time constraints, where we can present more detail.


As the bar inches upward and product purity becomes more refined, it challenges the creative mind to find new uses for them, as well as what to call them.

For those who found Royal Jelly limited in dimensions, consider replacing the Clear with a Live Resin extract, and adding either CBD-a or THC-a crystals???

The Live Resin adds maximum entourage effect, and the CBD-a or THC-a crystals add more pain relief or head effect.

Here is an example of a dab of Blue God Live Resin, dipped in THC-a crystals, for good aroma, flavor, entourage, and increased head effects.  Shatter will also work, if you heat it slightly first to make it sticky.

The jar in the attached picture contains THC-a crystal and the silicone container contains CBD-a crystals for more pain and seizure relief.

As for names, notice how there are so many names for the same thing these days, and sometimes they aren’t descriptive enough to immediately intuit what it means without more information.  For instance, I always thought Live Resin was a poor description and would have picked something more like Ambrosia, given how rife it is with aroma and flavor.

That does bring to question my choice of highly descriptive names like Holy Shit and Royal Jelly for previous potions, and I plead guilty of appropriating them for name recognition, which is more resourceful than creative, so lets consider acronyms.

Fresh Ambrosia With CBD crystals for pain, or pain FAWC, might be an easy one to remember when in pain.

Ostensibly with THC-a crystals, it would be brain FAWT for the mental activity and epiphanies it generates, such as this insightful post for instance, which may or may not be easy to remember following field trials.

Notice I just lumped them under Adabadoyas in the thread title, mostly because there are those out there who might be offended by FAWC or FAWT, despite the salubriousness of what it stands for.

Despite just inventing the word, I believe those experimenting with medicating using Adabadoyas, will relate to its meaning, even those for whom more is better and choose to have another.

Relief is relatively fast medicating through the lungs, and dosage easy to control.



Lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu, hee, hee, hee, moooore toys arriving to test!

Wowza, it just doesn’t get any better than this!!  D Gold just sent us SN0001 ISO-4 Kilomaster for testing and look at the fine bottle of Grey Wolf Vineyards and Cellars ZinCab that came along for the ride!!

I see a candle holder in that bottles future, after we’ve passed around the contents in salute of course!

More after we’ve put this big boy through its paces, so watch this space!!

OMMP Card Renewal

That time of year again, but changes for me this time.  Being an old geezer on medicare, I have twice been dumped by my personal care physician because medicare doesn’t pay but about 53% of market rates, and my newest one won’t sign my physician’s statement for cannabis.

Soooo I decided to follow my own advice and had my medical records sent to Portland Alternative Clinic, where they reviewed my records, performed an exam, and signed the statement for $120.

The goodest news, is that they pointed out to me that by including proof of military service, I got my card for only $20, vis a vis $200.

I’ve sent a number of patients there over the last decade, but my first time around and I was impressed with how efficiently I was processed.  If any of ya’ll ever need that service, here is the contact info:

Portland Alternative Clinic, Inc.

9045 SW Barbur Blvd Suite #106

Portland, OR 97219

Phone: (503) 477-5643       Fax: 503-200-1147


Vacuum pump evaluation


Vacuum pumps are the workhorse of our industry. They are used for everything from extractors to buchner funnels. So we are doing a multi installment article on pumps, what they are rated for and what they are suitable for.

Types of vacuum pumps generally found around the lab:

  •   Rotary vane
  •   Diaphragm
  •   Scroll
  •   Turbo-molecular pumps

Rotary vane pumps can be useful for just about every task in the lab. Back-streaming is a major concern; whether it’s a cheapy from Harbor Freight or a shiny new Edwards. One additional drawback to these pumps is contamination of the pump oil and the need for regular oil changes. Diaphragm pumps can be a blessing or a curse. While back-streaming is not a concern with diaphram pumps; when used on rotary evaporators they are impressive but, use one on a short-path and it will likely need a complete rebuild. Which is why this article was written, there is no universal pump!

We are evaluating pumps from multiple manufacturers on multiple processes and have displayed the results in the attached table. This table will be updated as we use more pumps or we find new processes to use them on. All of the pumps listed have either been purchased by one of us, loaned to us or have been used by one of us Pharmers in our travels. We will accept new entries, from any manufacturer, after this article is originally published to keep the table continually updated. Also because we like new toys to play with (especially new pumps).

We hope y’all will share your experience, tips and tricks in the comments section as always.

Pump Evaluation Chart

Updated 5/15/17

Skunk Pharmers Speak at Portland State University Kate, Pharm D, will present a paper to the Portland State University chemistry department on THC-a, with support from Carla, Joe, and JD discussing growing, extracting, and processing.  The presentation is scheduled for 3:00PM May 4, 2017, room to be announced.

DIY Seed Separator

Hee, hee, hee, here is a slick DIY seed separator by one of our clever UK brothers: